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New Chapter…New Adventure

Tue, 16 Aug 2011

I have always been lucky in that for some reason I have been involved in developing and implementing new ideas. It seems to make hard work easier and overcoming challenges more enjoyable. This is my first blog so I would like to present the two most recent chapters in new ideas and the adventures they have taken us on.


Live Streaming

I think in the beginning live streaming was considered only for the international level. Looking at access to the ISU Grand Prix events it made sense to stream those, which we could not access on TV. However, this can be quite expensive.  So the thoughts were turned to domestic streaming, as there are hundreds of competitions around Canada, many with registration exceeding 500. Friends, family, skaters and coaches would have access to watch their favourite skaters from anywhere in the world.

The first domestic streamed skating event in Canada was the 2010 Canadian Synchronized Championships. It was only a pilot project to test the new equipment; there was no advertising or promotion. We were quite surprised to see 11,000 views but of course we really did not know what this meant in the larger picture.

So we streamed COS and BC SummerSkate competitions in 2010 and the numbers came rolling in.  We then realized there was a market and desire to follow local skaters at all levels. In the past year we have streamed up to 15 competitions all with extremely high viewership. Most recently in Montreal and Toronto last weekend, over 19,229 hours were viewed. Putting that into perspective the equivalent is 2 years and 89 days of time.

The initial thought of domestic streaming was to help with skater development by allowing skaters from anywhere to view competitors at their own level and to be inspired by those at a higher level. But as we expanded the operation, coaches and officials have been using the streaming as an education and strategy tool. We have had skaters tell us their class, and in one case their whole school, watched them perform. It was great for promotion for our sport and as they said, it also increased respect from others for what they do.

In BC we have created a special Kiss and Cry for our Super Series of competitions so friends and family can clearly see the skaters and their coaches.

We do hope to continue streaming certain events and are interested in hearing from you on your thoughts and stories. Many have told us friends and family from around the world have seen them skate for the first time, if you have a story or experience please share it with us.

On August 16the we launched our new website. This has been designed to keep the ease of access of the old site but with a new look and several new features.

Our live streaming and archived videos will be on the Super Series page and we will be building several special profile videos of skaters, coaches and officials from time to time.

The calendar will be adjustable by category such as competitions, provincial, national and international, special events, meetings etc. We will be increasing pictures and bio information on the individual National Team members from BC as well as upgrading in time those on the BC Provincial Team.

There may be a few snags here and there while we start so we encourage your feedback and ideas.


We hope by providing blogs we can engage our members and fans in helpful discussions and feedback. Let us know what you think and share your ideas.