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What is CanSkate?
CanSkate is a dynamic learn-to-skate program that focuses on fun, participation and basic skill development. Based on Sport Canada’s long term athlete development (LTAD) principles, CanSkate centers on physical literacy and the fundamental skills needed to take part in any ice sport or to skate as a recreational activity.


Who’s it for?
For beginners 3 years of age and older, as well as those wishing to improve their basic skills whether their focus be for figure skating, hockey, speed skating or just skating for fun.


Who teaches it?
NCCP-trained professional coaches, assisted by trained program assistants.

What will you learn?
A complete series of balance, control and agility skills taught in six stages of learning that pertain to hockey, ringette, speed skating and figure skating as well as general recreational skating. CanSkate uses nationally-tested and proven curriculum and delivery methods that guarantee skater success in developing stronger basic skills and developing them faster.


What can you expect?
Action, movement and fun! Skaters progress at their own rate and coaches make sessions active using teaching aids, upbeat music and a wide variety of activities that create a motivational environment and promote learning. Badges, ribbons and other incentives are used to benchmark skaters’ progress and reward effort and participation.


What do you need to participate?
All you need are your own skates, a CSA-approved hockey helmet, long pants, mittens, warm sweater or jacket. Dress in layers – it will get warm! 


How do you sign up?

Find a Skate Canada BC/YK Section club near you to register for an upcoming Canskate Program.




CanSkate Update For Clubs and Coaches

After a year of being officially launched, the new CanSkate program is gearing up for another exciting season.

Feedback on the new program has been very positive.  Skaters love the action, music and fun, parents love the continuous movement and remarkable improvement of their children and coaches love the effectiveness and efficiency of the session formats and circuits.  The sessions basically run themselves with the tools provided and skaters are guaranteed to learn to skate.

Here are some of the new tools that will be available to help coaches and clubs deliver an even better CanSkate program:


New CanSkate brochure (Found under "Resources" at the bottom of the page)

-       Use these full-colour, 3-panel brochures during registration days, club open houses, ice shows or other community activities to help promote your club’s CanSkate program

-       An electronic version will be available for download with space to add your club’s contact information, registration periods, etc.  NOTE: We ask that if you use the e-version that you print it in colour

-       Hard copies will also be available for purchase from Skate Canada’s online store



New CanSkate Skills Tips videos  - For coaches

-       A series of 16 video clips providing technical tips for teaching some of the new and/or revised skills in the CanSkate curriculum.

o   English:

o   French:

o   Password to both:  Jupiter89!


CanSkate Element Event package revisions – COMING SOON

-       Based on feedback received some revisions have been made to the technical requirements and standards. Once materials are finalized they will be posted in the Info Centre under CanSkate.


New CanSkate Program Support

We know that many clubs are fully operational while some clubs are just getting started, and so we want to offer as much support as we can to help clubs get up and running, or to reinforce what is being done, in order to offer the best program possible.  We need to know in which areas clubs still need more information, resources or training so we can go back and develop the tools required.  We would also like to collect any feedback as well as any success stories clubs wish to share.

To this end, we will be continuing the national club support program this season in which we have CanSkate Resource Team members and national office staff reaching out to clubs across the country.  We have a list of clubs that have asked for support whom we will be servicing, as well as a random selection of clubs in each section.  In addition, clubs may approach CanSkate Resource Team members on their own or their section office should they wish to arrange their own support visit or conference call. The list of CanSkate Resource Team members and their contact information can be found in the Info Centre under Programs/CanSkate.

Watch for more updates on the CanSkate program in Skate Canada email campaigns over the skating season.