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There are approximately 20 competitions operated each year throughout BC. They are often hosted by local skating clubs, regions and the BC/YK Section. They are organized and run by a vast group of volunteers and have provided a source of revenue to further help the development of skaters in BC.  

MP3 Music Submission:


For Super Series Events, competitors have the option of submitting their music online. Music files will not be kept so skaters are required to submit their music for each individual competition.  This will eliminate any possibilty of the wrong music being played.  Submitting music online is the preferred method and helps reduce the number of errors that occur due to faulty CDs.

** NEW: competitors may now bring a USB flashdrive as back up music rather than backup CDs.  The USB fashdrive must be clearly marked with skater's name, category and program type (short or free).

File Format Accepted- MP3

Only 1 Program can be recorded on each file

Questions can be directed to bcyksection [at] skatinginbc [dot] com


To submit your music please go to the specific competition page: > Competitions > Upcoming Competitions > 2017 Super Series Vancouver Island (example)