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National Coaching Certification Program



All Coaches in BC/YK are required to have a NCCP #. This number gives Coaches access to "The Locker" which is where all Coach information and transcripts are found. Coaches with a Locker account can view/update personal information, coaching records and access printable transcripts. The Locker is an important tool that supports the efforts of all Canadians involved in coach education. Access to this site will provide all coaches with the opportunity to track their progress and guide their development.

Need an NCCP#?


NCCP Program

Launched in 1970, the NCCP is a partnership between the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), the federal, provincial, and territorial governments, and more than 60 national sport organizations and their provincial and territorial sport associations. As Canada’s recognized training and certification program, the NCCP serves a wide range of coaches – from those who introduce beginners to sport to those working with high performance athletes.

Unsure of your Coaching Certification details?  Look up your NCCP Transcript online on the Coaching Association of Canada’s databaseThe Locker

The NCCP Model


The NCCP Coach Matrix

Instruction Stream

Coaches in the Instruction stream must have sport-specific skills and training, whether coaching at the beginner or advanced skill levels. All are former participants in the sport.

Learn to Skate – CanSkate Coach: teaching participants of all ages, basic learn-to-skate skills in a fun and safe environment (CanSkate, CanPowerSkate).

Learn to Train – Regional Coach: teaching participants who already have some experience and proficiency in the sport to refine basic skills and introduced to more complex techniques in figure skating and preparing athletes for interclub and invitational competitions (STARSkate Preliminary-Gold level).

Competition Stream

Coaches in the Competition stream usually have previous coaching experience or are former athletes in the sport. They tend to work with athletes over the long term to improve performance, often in preparation for provincial, national, and international competitions.

Learn to Compete – Provincial Coach: athletes are taught figure skating skills and are prepared for competitions at the sectional/provincial level (Juvenile Competitive level).

Train to Compete – National Coach: developing athletes are coached to refine basic skills, develop more advanced skills and tactics and are prepared for performance at qualifying and national level competitions (Pre-Novice – Senior competitive level).

Learn to Win/Live to Win – Olympic Coach/World Coach: athletes are coached to refine advanced skills and tactics and are prepared for performance at international/world/Olympic level competitions (Elite Junior – Senior competitive level).

Training and Certification

A coach is described as:

In Training – when a coach has completed some of the required training for a context;

Trained – when a coach has completed all required training for a context;

Certified – when a coach has completed all evaluation requirements for a context.



Skate Canada Accreditation for Events Policy


Skate Canada Professional Coach Membership Policy


Respect In Sport Training - This training is being offered at no cost to Skate Canada coaches, officials, team leaders, club board members and club/skating school administrators