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Mon, 21 Aug 2017


BURNABY—Another successful BC-Yukon Section Super Series SummerSkate event came to an end on Sunday at Burnaby Eight Rinks, an event that saw a registered 750 skaters compete over four days on what was the official start of the competitive figure skating season for the Section.

Section Executive-Director Ted Barton was pleased.

“Olympic seasons always have a different level of energy and anticipation. This week was great,” he said, “to see Kaetlyn Osmond and Canadian silver medalist Kevin Reynolds getting their competitive season started by competing at BC SummerSkate . Moments of brilliance were displayed with work still coming as the season progresses.

“Looking into the future of the 2022 Olympics in Beijing there were numerous young talented skaters coming from BC, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. As many of the current generation National team members are expected to retire after this season, the future will begin to unfold with an exciting group, soon to be the next generation.

“BC SummerSkate te provided a glance of this very promising future.”

Meanwhile, SummerSkate was not only a hit locally, it was impressive around the world with a record 30,000 viewers watching the live streaming, countries such as Japan, Morocco, Mexico, Russia, USA, and, of course, Canada. The viewing audience was twice as many as one year ago.

It required 300 volunteers and a combined 100 officials and judges to make SummerSkate work and for many of them their job isn’t done yet.

They will take a few days off to recover and then head over to Richmond’s Minoru Arena to participate in the second annual ISU Adult Skating Competition Thursday through Saturday.

The event has drawn 140 skaters from 12 countries. Canada has the largest entry list with 57 skaters, 21 of them from BC. The US follows with 56 skaters.