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Coaches Q & A Corrections

Tue, 11 Oct 2011

Important Correction to Coaches Live Streamed Q&A

Thank you to all the coaches who viewed the live streamed Question and Answer session last week.  We have received lots of positive feedback and some good suggestions for improvement.  However, as can happen when things are not scripted, it has come to my attention that in two places, some information was not correct. 

The first error is at the 38 minute mark when Jamie and I are discussing the upright position and in particular the A spin.  We both refer to the free leg being straight (all the while pointing to the skating leg!).  The correct wording is the skating leg must be straight - if it is too bent then the position may be called intermediate.  If this is the only ‘upright’ in the spin then the requirement of all three basic positions will not have been met and the spin cannot be called higher than Level 1.

The second error is at 57:10 when I am discussing the spiral position at the Pre-Preliminary/Preliminary level.  I make reference to changes that were recently made to the spiral requirement for Level 1in the BC Points for Preliminaries project – specifically that if there are two spirals, one of them must be unsupported.  In fact, all spirals must be unsupported.  Please refer to the September 15th Technical Memo on changes to PPS.  This is on the Technical Updates page of the website.

Please accept my apologies for these errors in our delivery.

Janice Hunter

Technical Chair Skate Canada BC/YT Section