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NCCP Competition-Development modules being offered in Victoria, BC

Fri, 10 Mar 2017

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

Coaching Professional Development Event

May 27-June 3rd, 2017

Victoria, BC

The International Coaching School (ICS) event is a fantastic opportunity for high performance coaches to complete multi-sport NCCP Competition-Development modules. It can be difficult for prospective coaches to earn their certification in a reasonable time-frame because of the lack of available courses in their locale. The ICS is conducted over a 7-day period and contains all seven multi-sport Comp-Dev NCCP modules plus one multi-sport Comp-Intro module – for a full list please see our event webpage here:

For those who struggle finding time out of their schedule to attend various required courses, the ICS can serve as a ‘one-stop shop’ and help alleviate travel and accommodation costs that may be associated with obtaining credit in these modules at different events.