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Special Announcement - Skate Canada BC/YT Section Prospect Team

Tue, 24 Jul 2012

The BC/YT Section is pleased to announce the development of the BC/YT Section Prospect Team ProgramThe Skaters selected to this new Team, and their Coach, will receive many benefits and perks, including resources and personalized guidance, if so requested.


The following is some additional information:


  • Skaters can be no older than 12 years of age as of July 1st, 2012.
  • Skaters will be selected not only by results, but by using the criteria of age and stage development which is outlined in the Skate Canada Long Term Athlete Development Model.


Selection Process

  • Potential Prospect Team members will initially be identifiedby one of the two BC/YT Section Directors of Development.  Identification will be made via Competitionsand Seminars and/or videos from such.
  • In addition, Coaches may at any time submit a video for their Skater to be considered.
  • Once skaters have been identified, they will be invited to the Annual Prospect Team Evaluation Camp which will be held following the BC Summer Skate Competition.
  • Selected Skaters will be named to the Prospect Team after the Evaluation Camp.  Skaters identified after the Camp has been held, may be named after a formal evaluation by one of the Directors of Development or by the Executive Director.
  • Selection to the Prospect Team is for the current skating season only (i.e. September 2012 to August 2013).


Benefits for the Skater selected to the Prospect Team, and their Coach, is as follows:

  • Direct access to Video Assessments by one of the Directors of Development.  Assessments will focus on the Skater’s progress in skill acquisition/development, component developmentand/or point value strategy.
  • A Director of Development consultation, as requested by the Skater’s Coach.
  • A special Prospect Team Program during the Kelowna Spring Seminar.
  • A special Prospect Team Program during the BC Team Camp.
  • A Prospect Team Trip to an Out-of-Province Competition.


Next Steps:

 An initial list of potential Prospect Team Skaters have now been identified. 

Letters are in the process of being sent out for our initial Annual Prospect Team Evaluation Camp.  This Camp will be held at Burnaby 8 Rinks, immediately following Summerskate, on Monday, August 20th.

Following this Camp, the Prospect Team will be selected by the Directors of Development and the Executive Director. The Team List will then be approved by the Chair of the BC/YT Skaters Development Committee.


In closing, the purpose of the Prospect Program is to identify and support young talented skaters.  If a skater chooses to not take part, OR a skater is not selected, there is nothing stopping them from going on to have a successful skating career. This Program is only an offer to help the young talented skaters of this Section achieve as much as possible, early enough in their early development years, to have a better chance at reaching their dreams and goals. Some skaters are late developers and may not fit this Program, but as said above, they may still go on to have very successful competitive skating careers.


I am very excited about this new initiative and hope you will join me in embracing this exciting Program as together we take the next step in helping the skaters in this Section be as successful as possible. 


If Coaches have any questions and/or ideas please do not hesitate to contact Danielle Williams or myself directly and we would be pleased to answer your questions or hear your ideas.


"Vision without action is just a dream."


Ted Barton
Executive Director
ted [dot] b [at] attglobal [dot] net