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TRISKAIDEKAPHILIA - Gary Beacom Workshop

Fri, 6 Mar 2015


Friday the Thirteenth, March 2015

Ice 8 to 3 at Killarney Community Centre 

moderated by Gary Beacom

Social evenings?! Ski on Saturday? Karen Magnussen Tribute show Saturday evening?

SURMOUNT SUPERSTITION holistic workshops en masse and in groups 

Cost: $50 contact Gary: gary_beacom [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Very varied viral video version vision. 

Videogs in hockey skates, photogs, pros, athletes, dilettantes, curious adventurers, vibe feelers, drum-thrummers, techies, spectators, administrators welcome. Show up with or without skates. Bring curiosity, liberty, humour, discipline, justice, beauty, truth, coffee, chocolate.

Leave inhibition, dogma, habit, prejudice, pomposity, vengeance, venality, indignance, jthe green-eyed monster, envy, hatred, anger, disdain. 

Stay in touch with Gary and others on [Facebook fan page, eg.?]. 

Come on board now and help shape the event.