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Website Launch Success

Wed, 24 Aug 2011

This past week saw the launch of a new skatinginbc website. The design and layout was created by Red Rocket and the staff of the BC Section office. We tried to have a unique, clean and stylish look while designing clear and easy navigation. Although we had a few minor glitches on the weekend with the site going down as a result of the activity, overall the performance was very strong. Here are the important numbers showing the activity:


> 17,000 visits

> 5.3% social media referrals – anything above 2.5% is considered good. 

> 5,900 unique visitors

> 135,000 page views

> Average of 9.5 mins on site

> 69% returning visitors

> 19.5% of visitors visited 9+ times made up 10% of referral traffic


We hope to keep the site current and include more video and photo highlights from competitions. We will also keep new items coming and hope to get more people involved in blogs.  All of this may take some time but we encourage you to participate and let us know how we are doing.


I  would like to give great thanks to Red Rocket, the staff of the BC Section Office, Janice Hunter and most importantly to the Executive of the BC Section for having the vision to make the decision to modernize our site.  We hope you enjoy the new site.


Ted Barton

Executive Director