The final competition in the BC/YK SUPER SERIES was the Sectional Championships held in Coquitlam, BC November 8-11, 2018.  The top two scores for skaters from the series of competitions determined the final result.  Trophies were awarded to the top three skaters and the winners were presented with the Super Series Champion trophy.  

CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2018/2019 Competitive SUPER SERIES CHAMPIONS:

Senior Men: Alexander Lawrence (Champs ISC of BC)

Senior Women: Larkyn Austman (Coquitlam SC)

Junior Men: Aleksa Rakic (Champs ISC of BC)

Junior Women: Emma Bulawka (Kelowna FSC)

Novice Men: Wesley Chiu (Connaught SC)

Novice Women: Melody Zhu (Sunset SC)

Pre-Novice Men: Carson Consiglio (Coquitlam SC)

Pre-Novice Women: Amy Shao Ning Yang (Sunset SC)

Juvenile Men: Caden Chen (Sungod SC)

Juvenile Women U14: Ava Sanderson (Kelowna FSC)

Juvenile Women U12: Megan Yudin (Kelowna FSC


The BC/YK SUPER SERIES STARSkate Champions were determined at the SUPER SERIES STARSkate Final March 2-4, 2018 in Kelowna. The top three scores for skaters from the series of competitions determined the final result.  Trophies were awarded to the top three skaters and the winners were presented with the Super Series Champion trophy.  


Pre-Juvenile Men: Tehran Lee (Sunset SC)

Pre-Juvenile Women Under 11: Yena Oh (Champs ISC of BC)

Pre-Juvenile Women Under 13: Jessica Chu (Killarney Centre FSC)

Star 5 Boys: Mitchell Dunn (Quesnel FSC)

Star 5 Girls Under 10: Ariana Rose (Kelowna FSC)

Star 5 Girls Under 13: Sophie Stevens (Fort St John FSC)

Star 5 Girls Over 13: Kyra Koepke (Sun Bowl SC)

Star 6 Women: Bernice Chau (Sunset SC)

Star 8 Women: Kailey Do (Sunset SC)

Star 10 Men: Nikolai Balabardin (Kerrisdale FSC)

Star 10 Women: Megan Chen (Grandview SC)

Gold Men: Adonis Wong (Connaught SC)

Gold Women: Sarah Steberl (Champs ISC of BC)


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