Linda Brauckmann was born in Vancouver but her coaching career began in 1951 in Baltimore. From 1953 to 1957 she coached in Lake Placid’s Olympic arena……the next four years from 1957 to 1961 she coached in Boston. Linda finally returned to Vancouver in 1962 and began coaching at the North Shore Winter Club where she and other coaches and many champion skaters made the club one of the strongest in Canada at the time.
For many of us here this evening Linda was a pillar of strength who would deliver direct input and information. She was one of those special teachers who not only gave you excellent and precise instructions…… but she also scared you just enough to not stray too far from doing exactly what she wanted you to. This helped you to stay on course and more quickly reach your goal…….she demanded…….. and received respect.
Linda was also very active in the coaches and skaters development community. She was a founding member of the BC Coaches Association and the Professional Skating Association of Canada……and sat on Skate Canada’s Skater Development and the Olympic Program Best Ever 88 committees. Linda is also inducted into the Skate Canada and the BC Sports Hall of Fame, a full, busy and successful life indeed.
There is no doubt that Linda Brauckmann played a major role in skating in Canada and particularly in British Columbia. She had a wonderful sense of humour…. a zest for life…… and was a driving personality and force in our world.