Our next inductee was not a skater...not a coach...not a judge......but had a major impact on the officiating process that moved our sport from a generation of hand written results into the era of computer generated and real time results. 

With all major transitions in technology in life someone got fed up with the status quo and decided to try and improve using new tools and ideas. Jack Zaleski was that person and to make sure the story is well documented with historically accurate we interviewed Jack about how this all came about. 

See Video Interview Part 1of Induction

Now after the accomplishment of utilizing computers for the instant results there was more to discover.

It wasn’t anymore only about the skaters and media but also very much for the live audience. Knowing what was happening during the competition brought a whole new level of entertainment....... Here is Jack on the application to the video boards

See Video Interview Part 2 Induction

It was becoming clear that Jack and many that worked along side were moving the sport into the modern technology era of the time bringing quicker results and providing entertainment and suspense to the events. 

There was one particular event and time that suspense was at the highest level........because as we all know...... as wonderful as technology is ....there are times when something goes not according to plan....here is Jack on one of those moments. 

See Video Interview Part 3 Induction

The people like Jack who quietly work through problems to bring more to the skating community and live and TV audiences are never really known or celebrated but tonight we have the opportunity as a skating family to thank you jack for your passion and determination. 

One last short story.....many of you might not know that Jack is married to Donna Lee Mitchell one of last years Hall of Fame Inductees. Donna Lee’s was a skating accountant for many years and her mother Billie Mitchell (Jacks mother in law) was the premier results accountant at the same time Jack was asked to develop a computer system. 

Billie was the fastest gunslinging figure skating account in the business at the time.......the addition of technology was not welcomed by all but Billie received it with open arms......lucky for Jack.......for no one dare go up against Billie. 

We have thanked and welcomed most of the Mitchell family into the Skate Canada BC Hall of Fame and now it is time for the son in law.......Jack..... we thank you for your vision and persistence in moving our beautiful sport into (at the time) the new era of computers....ladies and gentlemen it is my honour to welcome into the Skate Canada BC Hall of Fame....... Jack Zaleski. 


2018 Hall of Fame Jack Zaleski