It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jean Westwood, Skate Canada BC/YK Hall of Fame Member and World Ice Dance Competitor.

Jean was a four time World Ice Dance Champion. An accomplished competitive figure skater in every sense once Jean completed her competitive career she entered the world of coaching and as she often admits her timing and fate could not have been better.

Jean began coaching at a very high level almost immediately and coached many elite skaters of the time such as Otto and Maria Jelenik, Donna Lee and John Mitchell, Joni Graham and Don Phillips, Betty and John McKilligan and numerous others from around North America.

Jean also taught Victor Kraatz when he first arrived in British Columbia and helped mentor him to pursue his competitive career back east in Quebec where he eventually met and partnered with Shae Lynne Bourne.

Jean's positive and upbeat personality not only guided skaters through generations here in BC but also had an impact on other coaches in our province while they pursued their passion and profession.

Jean's other passion was her love of dogs as she was one of the best dog breeders in Canada

Jean has been a wonderful part of skating in BC for many years and we will miss her energy and passion for our sport. There will be no memorial service.

Our condolences to Jean's family and friends on her passing.