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Coaching is the key in a skater learning quality skills and having fun at the same time. Skate Canada BC/YK Section has approximately 430 coaches working with skaters. They are all in different stages of NCCP certification. Finding a coach which your child works and responds well with is critical for their continuous progression. Coaches are passionate about the sport and love working with children and can greatly add to the maturing process.


Coaching Cards - Accreditation for Competitions

To attend any Regional or Sectional Competitions in the BC/YK Section, Coaches are required to wear a 2018/2019 Coach Tag. Coaches need to be In Good Standing with Skate Canada prior to applying for a Coach Card. 

To complete the form, you will need the following:

- Photo

- Name

- SC#


- Coach Level


$5.00 - For Coaches who already have the Lanyard and Card Pouch from last year. 

$10.00 - Includes a Lanyard and Pouch to wear around your neck.

Any Coaches requiring access to stand at the boards during a competition without this Coaching Card will be required to purchase a temporary competition pass for $25.00/ competition. 



***ATTENTION Primary STARSkate (Regional) Trained Coaches

Applies to Coaches who have taken the Primary STARSkate Course within this time frame: 

September 1, 2015 - April 1, 2017

As you may know, the Primary STARSkate Coaching program is changing to reflect a new pathway. Below is the phase out day for the old portfolios. 

Memo from Skate Canada: 

Please note that the Primary STARSkate Portfolio phase out date will be September 1, 2018. Coaches who do not complete the portfolio prior to this date will be responsible for completing new a new portfolio corresponding to the new pathway. A transition plan will be outlined prior to this date. 


***ATTENTION ISPC Trained Coaches

To reflect LTAD alignment, the Intermediate STARSkate pathway will be removed from the Provincial Coach (formerly ISPC) Pathway. This means that the Free Skate and Ice Dance portfolios at the STARSkate level will be phased-out. The sunset date for this portfolio will be December 31, 2017. After this date the Provincial Coach Portfolio will only be accepted with pre-novice skaters. Completing Provincial Coach portfolios with senior bronze/junior silver and juvenile skaters will no longer be accepted after this date.


***ATTENTION CanSkate/PSS Coaches

As of January 1, 2016 No extensions will be given. CanSkate Coaches have 3 years from taking the CanSkate course to either obtain their CanSkate Certification or attend the Primary STARSkate course. PSS Coaches have 3 years from taking the PSS course to become Primary STARSkate Certified. 

All Coaches MUST be Registered with Skate Canada to submit any portfolio for marking. 


November 2015Safe Sport Incident Reporting: Please complete this Incident Report Form should an incident occur at your club, skating school, or at any Skate Canada related event.  When multiple people are involved in a single incident, please complete and submit an incident report form for each inidivdal. 

The incident report should be entered through the online portal but a printable version is available for reporting purposes.Safe Sport Incident Report Form