Welcome to the Skate Canada British Columbia and Yukon Section. We are guided by a dedicated Board of Directors and supported by individual and specific discipline and operational committees. The BC/YT Section has approximately 23,000 skaters, 115 clubs, 430 coaches, and 229 officials in our vibrant skating community. Our office is managed by a team of 7 full-time staff members who execute the daily operations. 


The BC/YT Section of Skate Canada is dedicated to the principals of enabling every person in British Columbia and Yukon to participate in skating throughout their lifetime for Fun, Fitness and/or Achievement.

The BC/YT Section is also dedicated to those athletes in pursuit of excellence.

We provide programs and opportunities that develop high performance skills for skating and life.


The BC/YT Section of Skate Canada is a volunteer organization run by the guidelines of a successful business.

The volunteers determine the direction and the professional staff navigate the course.

We will provide value for each membership dollar by providing guidance and service to all members. We ensure there are programs for those who want to skate for fun and those who skate for achievement.


The BC/YT Section of Skate Canada envisions providing safe, effective and fun skating programs for every person in British Columbia and Yukon who has the desire to glide on ice.

It is our vision to provide programs that will bring joy to those who simply want to skate in circles and pride to those who want to circle the world while representing our section and country.