National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Skate BC/Yukon coaches follow the guildlines of our National Organization, Skate Canada. Our coaches are teachers, mentors and role models committed to teaching individual development and life skills to help each skater realize his/her personal best – on and off the ice. All Skate Canada coaches are professionals who are trained and certified through Skate Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). All Skate Canada professional coaches must be registered coaching members in good standing.

For a better understanding of the Coaching Program and pathways available please click here


Coaching Cards - Accreditation for Competitions

To attend any Regional or Sectional Competitions in the BC/YT Section, Coaches are required to wear a Coach Accreditation Tag. Coaches need to be In Good Standing with Skate Canada prior to applying for a Coach Card. 

To complete the form, you will need the following:

- Photo

- Name

- SC#


- Coach Level


$5.00 - For Coaches who already have the Lanyard and Card Pouch from last year. 

$10.00 - Includes a Lanyard and Pouch to wear around your neck.

Any Coaches requiring access to stand at the boards during a competition without this Coaching Card will be required to purchase a temporary competition pass for $25.00/ competition. 

Please be sure to order your coach card a minimum of three weeks before your first competition.


Safe Sport Incident Reporting

Safe Sport Incident Reporting: Please complete this Incident Report Form should an incident occur at your club, skating school, or at any Skate Canada related event.  When multiple people are involved in a single incident, please complete and submit an incident report form for each inidivdal. 

The incident report should be entered through the online portal.