Ted Barton
Executive Director

Executive Director

As the Executive Director, Ted leads our organization with vision, passion, and expertise. With a deep commitment to our mission and goals, Ted drives strategic initiatives and fosters collaborative relationships to advance our mission.

Business Development

Ted is responsible for enhancing revenue streams while optimizing our delivery systems. His focus includes crafting sponsorship proposals and presentations, collaborating closely with Danielle to ensure seamless agreement servicing.

High Performance

Ted plays a pivotal role in elevating the competitive results of the BC/YT Section by meticulously evaluating skaters' progress and designing tailored seminars and programs to foster their development. With a keen understanding of the importance of results for continued funding, Ted prioritizes programs and competitive development to drive success.

Event Production

Drawing on his extensive background in event and video production, Ted ensures the seamless execution of various events, including the highly anticipated Skate BC/YT Section Annual Awards Evening. This signature event is a highlight of our calendar, offering a memorable celebration for our skating community.

Skate Canada/ISU Liaison

Ted serves as a vital link between our organization and Skate Canada's head office in Ottawa, Ontario, as well as the International Skating Union (ISU).

For inquiries involving the above areas, please contact Ted Barton at (604) 205-6960 or email him at ted@skatinginbc.com.

Danielle Williams
Director of Operations

Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations, Danielle oversees the strategic direction and day-to-day management of our organization's activities. 

High-Performance Administration

Danielle handles all administration of the Skate BC/YT Team in regards to seminars, competitions, funding and athlete services. She works directly with the Executive Director in creating innovative and successful programs for skaters development throughout the Section.

Competition Support Services

Danielle works with the Competition Manager in executing pre and post-competition administration, providing vital support to enhance the overall competition experience.

For inquiries related to high-performance administration, competition support services, or other operational matters, please contact Danielle Williams at (604) 205-6960 or email danielle@skatinginbc.com.

Courtney Lott
Manager of Communications & Business Development

Manager of Communications & Business Development

Courtney manages our communications initiatives, including email marketing campaigns, social media strategies, and website enhancements, to ensure our brand messaging resonates effectively across all channels. She also works closely with our Executive Director, Ted, on sponsorship acquisition efforts and delivering impactful partnerships.

Financial Administrator

Courtney also processes the financial administration for the Skate BC/YT Section. Collaborating with the Director of Finance, she ensures the smooth operation of financial processes and procedures. 

For any inquiries regarding the above areas, please contact Courtney at (604) 205-6960 or courtney@skatinginbc.com.

Bev Viger
Competition Manager

Competition Manager

As Competition Manager, Bev oversees the seamless execution of the BC/YT Section Competitions held annually across the province. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for organization, Bev ensures each event runs smoothly. Additionally, she is our Volunteer Coordinator, recruiting and engaging a wonderful community of volunteers who make these events possible. 

Travel Coordinator

As Travel Coordinator, Bev manages all travel arrangements for the Board, Staff, and Officials.

For inquiries related to competition management or travel coordination, please reach out to Bev Viger at (604) 205-6960, or by email at bev@skatinginbc.com

Haley Adams
Coaching Manager & Events Coordinator

Coaching Manager

As Coaching Manager, Haley oversees the coordination of coach training initiatives throughout our province. This includes scheduling coaching courses, organizing seminars and workshops, and being the main contact for all coaching inquiries. 

Events Coordinator

In her capacity as Event Coordinator, Haley works closely with Bev, our Competition Manager, to plan, organize, and execute various events and competitions throughout the year. 

Team Leader

Haley is also one of our Provincial Team leaders, who travels with our BC Team Members on out-of-province assignments.   

For inquiries related to the above areas, please feel free to reach out to Haley at (604) 205-6960 or haley@skatinginbc.com

Samantha Dawson
Membership & Communications Coordinator

Membership & Communications Coordinator

Samantha is your first point of contact for all general inquiries, including club information and competition registration.

Samantha creates our quarterly Thin Ice Magazine, a cherished tradition in our Section. This publication serves as a beacon of community news, event highlights, and achievements. 

Event Administration

In addition to her role as Membership & Communications Coordinator, Samantha processes competition registrations, music files, and planned program sheets. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Samantha at (604) 205-6960 or by email at samantha@skatinginbc.com