Ted Barton
Executive Director

Business Development

Ted is responsible for finding opportunites to raise revenues and at the same time improve our delivery systems. He works directly with sponsorship proposals and presentations and works along side Danielle in servicing the agreements.

High Performance Athletes

Ted has an overall responsibility for growth of the BC/YK Section competitive results by evaluating and assessing the progress of skaters in BC and then designing the content and delivery of the seminars and programs that lay down the foundation for good skaters development. Results are critical to continued funding from the government and sponsors, making programs and competitive development a high priority on Ted's list.

Event Production

Ted's background and experience in event and video production is also an important part of his job. In addition to other events, producing the BC/YK Section Annual Awards Evening is a 3 week full time project that provides a wonderful evening of celebration to our whole skating family.

Skate Canada/ISU Liaison

Ted is a direct connection with the Skate Canada head office in Ottawa, Ontario and provides a link for the BC/YK Section to the ISU (International Skating Union). To answer any questions involving the above areas please contact Ted Barton at (604) 205-6960 or e-mail him at ted@skatinginbc.com

Danielle Williams
Director of Operations

High Performance Administration

Danielle handles all administration of the BC/YK Team in regards to seminars, competitions, funding and athlete services. She works directly with the Executive Director in creating innovative and successful programs for skaters development throughout the Section.

Competition Support Services

Danielle works with the Section Competition Coordinator in executing pre and post competition administration.

To answer any questions involving the above areas please contact Danielle Williams at (604) 205-6960 or email Danielle at danielle@skatinginbc.com

Bev Viger
Financial Administrator

Financial Administration

Bev handles all Finance Administration for the BC/YK Section. Working closely with the Director of Finance, Bev ensures that the financial operation runs smoothly.

Travel Coordinator

Bev is responsible for booking the travel arrangements for the Board, Staff and Officials.

Competition Coordinator

Bev is also the BC/YK Section Competition Coordinator. She is responsible for running the 7 BC/YK Super Series Events annually throughout the province.

Head Team Leader

Bev is the Head Team Leader for the BC/YK Team when they travel to Skate Canada Challenge and the Canadian Figure Skating Championships.

To answer any questions involving the above areas please contact Bev Viger at (604) 205-6960 or email Bev at bev@skatinginbc.com

Haley Adams
Coaching & Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

Communication between the Section Office and our Stakeholders is one of Haley's main roles. This includes overseeing all online social media content as well as communication through email blasts, website posts and our quarterly Thin Ice Magazine. 

Thin Ice is one of the longest running traditions in our Section and highlights events, updates, news and achievements across the BC/Yukon. To learn more about Thin Ice or to send in a submission, please click here

Sponsorship Services

Haley works in conjunction with our Provincial Sponsors on contracts, company promotion, and deliverables. If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming event or working with our organization, please contact Haley. 

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Haley also administers all of the Coach Training that happens within our Province. This includes scheduling coaching courses, seminars, and workshops. 

To answer any questions in the above areas please contact Haley at (604) 205-6960 or email haley@skatinginbc.com