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Sun, 20 Aug 2017

BURNABY—It’s called STAR and it offers opportunities for skaters of all ages to develop fundamental figure skating skills.

It is a five star gradual process program aimed at improving a skater’s target of eventually graduating to the first leg of competitive skating, Pre-Juvenile.

It’s working. Of the 750 skaters competing this week at the BC-Yukon Section SummerSkate competition at Burnaby Eight Rinks, 350 of them are entered in the STAR 1-5 categories.

Developed in 2011 and piloted in BC for the first two years, Star 1-4 is aimed at working on elements in a non-competitive environment.  Elements are assessed on a Bronze, Silver, Gold standard and every skater receives a ‘report card’ at the end of their performance with an assessment for each element that is performed.  STAR 5 allows skaters to perform double jumps and for the first time they are awarded points for elements and performance, using the same scoring system as for top competitive skaters.

It is an extremely rewarding program that one day, hopefully, will bring more national and International medals to BC skaters.

This season, Skate Canada will pilot a similar program for the Beginner and Elementary synchronized skating teams.

Meanwhile, on Day three of SummerSkate the spotlight was on Pre-Novice and Novice short programs, with the Pre-Novice women’s event split into four divisons, totaling 85 skaters.

Competition concludes Sunday, beginning at 7:40am and running through 6pm.

Complete set of results can be found by clicking here.