Skate Canada British Columbia/Yukon, is a non profit sport organization under the umbrella of Skate Canada. We have approximately 20,000 members in our skating community: 19,000 skaters, 115 Clubs, 500 Coaches, and 300 Officials.  

A large role of our organization is to provide high quality competitions throughout British Columbia/Yukon for the development of BC/Yukon skaters. We have developed a Super Series of Competitions which deliver high standardized events including live streaming, kiss n cry replays, and standardized judging. Profits raised through these competitions go back to athlete development.  

These competitions are: 
Vancouver Island Super Series - Parksville, BC 
Victoria Day Super Series - Surrey, BC 
Summer Skate Super Series - Burnaby, BC 
Autumn Leaves Super Series - Chilliwack, BC / Kamloops, BC (rotates each year) 
Sectional Championships Super Series - Moves around the Province 
STARSkate Final Super Series - Kelowna, BC 

In BC, we are excited to have a production team that live streams each Super Series Event. Live streaming offers world wide exposure to over 70 Countries and 100,000 + viewers. We are able to offer our sponsors commercial advertising, rink board advertising, and commentary mentions throughout this service.

Whether you are interested in a $25.00 program advertisement, or a $6000.00 Super Series Package, the following pages provide information on the sponsorship opportunities available, and the benefits Skate Canada British Columbia/Yukon can provide to your brand.  

Our team would be pleased to answer any questions or discuss sponsorship opportunities at your convenience.  

Contact: Haley Adams
Phone: 604-205-9704

Ad Types

Graphic Advertising
Full, half, business card size print ads
Rink Board Advertising
Prime locations for most visibility
Name Bar Advertising
Displayed for each Skater


Ad Packages

Please refer to the below grid for available Advertising Options. We are also happy to work with you to customize a package that works best for your business.

*Super Series Sponsors become a part of all 6 Super Series Events throughout the season.