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Skate Canada's recent update for STAR 6-Gold has been posted under Resources with further clarifications added by BC/YK Section.


Message to Evaluators and Coaches from Debra Armstrong, CEO Skate Canada

Information that is still current:
STAR 5 - Artistic will be available for coaches to assess at their club or skating school effective September 1st. Coaches are encouraged to use the STAR 6 – Gold Training to learn about Artistic until the STAR 5 written resource document has been updated by Skate Canada. The STAR 5 assessment sheets and video examples are already available on the online Skate Canada Assessment Guide. The STAR 5 Artistic program has the option to be assessed in a clear ice environment on a regular session without clear ice.

Coaches who are interested in becoming a Coach Assessor in Skills can now submit their application.  Please refer to the document in the Resource section below Steps to Becoming a Coach Assessor in Skills.

Contrary to the chart in the document "STAR 6-Gold Outline for Existing Evaluators & Coach Assessors", existing evaluators who wish to become qualified in the Artistic discipline for STAR 6-Gold will only need to complete the STAR 6-Gold Training: Artistic eLearning course and exam prior to applying for the new promotion.  Click here for the Skate Canada Notice Board article

For those who have not yet accessed the training, pleae wait until the revisions to the program are complete.  
When ready to begin, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Sign in to your members account at Skate Canada here
  2. Select the “e-learning” tab to navigate to the Skate Canada e-learning site.
  3. From the “New Courses” dropdown select “STAR 6 – Gold: Introduction”.
  4. Click “Enroll” and begin the course.
  5. After successful completion of the Introduction module, repeat the same process for other STAR 6-Gold discipline specific modules.

Evaluators and Assessment Coordinators:  email
Coaches:  email 

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Direct link to the STAR 6-Gold Assessment Guide  on Info Centre.  Each section of the guide is posted in the Materials Catalogue (Membership Site)