Hosting a club competition is a great way to provide additional performance opportunities for skaters at the STAR 1, STAR 2 and STAR 3 level.  The below toolkits contain all the tools you need to get started and run your own event.

The key considerations when setting up your club competition are the following:

  • Club competitions are for club members only; other clubs may not participate.
  • Skate Canada officials should not be used as judges or data specialists.
  • It is the Club’s responsibility to secure their own ribbons and medals. Skate Canada ribbons and medals are for Section and Region hosted events only.

The Report Card/Calculation spreadsheet allows you to customize your report cards.  By entering in the assessments for each element, an overall result will be calculated on the report card.  A separate tab provides a summary of results by skater.  Instructions on how to use the spreadsheet are included.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!

For more information on how the assessment process works, please consult the STAR 1-4 Event Assessor Resource Guide.  This is available on the Members Only section of the Skate Canada website. Select Materials > STAR Competition.

If you have questions about running your event, please contact the BC YT Section Office: