Billie Mitchell is a remarkable women who is 98 years young. One could honestly say she is the matriarch of our skating family here in BC. She was first elected as Chairman of the BC Section in 1961, just one year after those World Championships which inadvertently made her the very first woman on the Skate Canada Board of Directors.
As Chairman of the BC Section, and in an effort to manage and distribute skating to a widespread province such as BC, she pioneered the idea of creating the 5 regions that are still in effect today….
Her pioneering initiatives didn’t stop there as at the 1973 Canadian Championships she also introduced the Parade of Champions, which is another idea still in effect.
Billie is tough as nails but with a warm and engaging personality. She had high expectations for everyone around here whether family or volunteers. She was one of those great leaders who made people around her want to please her.
She has been strong…..innovative……consistent... and whether she knew it or not, laid down a foundation for what Skate Canada is today.
Please welcome into the Skate Canada British Columbia Hall of Fame Billie Mitchell.


Billie Mitchell 1