Audrey Moore 2015 Skate Canada BC Officials inductee. Before we get to her judging history let’s learn a bit about her skating background.
Audrey began skating in 1938 when she and her brother Bill Corson joined the Vancouver Skating Club. She became a very active member of the club where much of the activities revolved around club competitions and especially club carnivals. In those days there were very few interclub competitions so most clubs ran their own club competition but also carnivals played a large role in club activity. Audrey and brother Bill were not only the club pairs and dance Champions for three years in succession, they were also very engaged in the fun side of skating working together on ice show comedy routines. In 1951 Nationals Audrey and Bill placed 4th in the Canadian Senior Dance competition.
After getting married to her husband Peter in October of 1957, Audrey soon turned to officiating and became a Canadian Championship judge in 1960….she became an International judge for singles , pairs and dance in 1969. Judging all three disciplines in today’s world of judging is extremely unusual. This speaks for Audrey’s skill and knowledge. She went on to become an ISU World and Olympic Judge in 1970 and then World and Olympic Referee in 1976. Without question her spectacular personality and positive approach aided her in all of these accomplishments.
ISU….World and Olympic…..all very high level and prestigious. However, Audrey was a loyal and active member of the BC skating community. She was the founder of the BC Coast Judges Bureau, which she served on for 10 years and became the Chairman of the BC Section in 1978. With assistance from the Section lawyer she rewrote the BC Section constitution and bylaws, which were being used until just recently. Audrey also judged countless test days and competitions throughout British Columbia….she was very successful internationally and a true contributor locally.
All this information is statistical….but to really understand Audrey Moore’s impact one has to hear what others say about her. One of her peers Sally Rehorick said…..”Audrey gave judges and judging a respectability that made us all feel that being a judge was an honourable endeavor. She had a certain regal "je ne sais quoi" -- partly because of her height (!!!), but mainly because of the way she approached her work as a judge - with honour and integrity, honesty and skill. The net effect of her graceful demeanor was that it calmed everyone down. She had a settling effect on the rest of the panel".
A quote from another colleague and judge Janice Hunter who said…."Integrity definitely is a word that goes with Audrey Moore…also FUN! and she wasn’t just stuck on skating…… shows, family, 5th wheeling with husband Peter…I still remember that about her - she was an all-round person in so many ways".
Full of life…full of fun….and full of skill. For 60 years Audrey Moore left her mark on skating in BC and around the world. Her awards are numerous……BC and National Judges award ……Lifetime Achievement Award seen here with then Chairman Diane Nielsen……National Volunteer Award of Excellence …Coaches Choice Award.

Ladies and gentlemen it is our great pleasure to posthumously welcome into the Skate Canada BC Hall of Fame Audrey Moore.