Jean Heffernanis no longer with us and most would not have met or even heard of her. So how do we share with you who this person was, what she did for our sport and how she impacted others. Well perhaps there is no better way then through the words, feelings and images of her daughters.

They are also dedicated officials who have given much of their own lives to our sport mostly because their mother set a top quality example and maybe even expected them to also give back. They are Susan Heffernan and Helen Eddy.

So as part of getting to know Jean Heffernan we asked Susan and Helen about their mother and her involvement in our sport. Below you will see a series of questions which has a corresponding video of Susan and Helen speaking about their mothers special traits and service to the sport of Figure Skating.

Question 1
Was it your mother who got you both interested in skating?
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Question 2
How did you mother get into accounting for skating and what business background did she have that helped her have an interest in the results portion of our sport?
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Question 3
We asked if it bothered Helen and Susan that their mother was so involved and probably at the rink a lot while they skated.
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Question 4
We asked Susan and Helen if they thought their mother liked doing the results accounting work she did for Figure Skating?
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Question 5
For all we could tell from the interview, research and discussions about Jean……she was a quiet, reserved, incredibly bright and determined woman….We wondered how Susan and Helen thought she might react to such recognition as tonight…..
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Question 6
Just because people are no longer with us doesn’t mean we can’t speak to them…..Susan and Helen welcome their mother into the Skate Canada BC Hall of Fame
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Jean Heffernan was a quiet and strong leader who loved her work with the world of figure skating. The endless hours of quiet dedication and commitment to our sport provided a service of excellence of which we reconginize by her Induction into the Skate Canada BC Hall of Fame.


How did you both get involved in skating\skating?

Love of numbers and early business experience