From a very young age, Emanuel was active in ballet, skating, gymnastics and swimming. But it was the pure freedom of movement, speed across the ice and individuality that made him choose skating overall.

Emanuel was on the international stage for 16 years and experienced every bit of it with his coach Joanne McLeod. During this time, there were many special and successful moments both nationally and internationally. After his career ended in 2013, he reconnected with the dance community, and soon auditioned for “So You Think You Can Dance,” starting a new phase in his life. His dance and skating training made him the perfect candidate for this show. Since then, he has returned to coaching young athletes alongside his former coach. 

Emanuel’s interesting journey as a dancer, skater, competitor, entertainer and now coach is why he’s being inducted into the BC/YT Section Hall of Fame as an Athlete.



Emanuel Sandhu 2023 Hall of Fame