Planned Programs

Planned Programs must be submitted by Monday, October 28, 2019. Click here to submit Planned Program Content. There will be a $25 fee assessed for failure to submit this by the October 28 deadline.

Competition Announcement
Please read the announcement in its entirety for detailed information.


Practice Ice

All events (except Pre-Juvenile Women & Men) have one practice for each portion of their event included in the Sectionals registration fee. You do not need to book this practice ice. The practice ice sessions are determined by the starting order groupings.

There is additional buy on practice ice on Wednesday November 6, Thursday November 7 and Friday November 8. This is available for purchase by clicking here until Tuesday November 5. After Tuesday November 5 practice ice will be available for purchase at the competition registration desk in Kelowna, space permitting.

Athletes are permitted to train at any venue during the championships even after registering on site for the event. There is no longer the requirement to skate only on official practice or competition ice. 

However,  As per Skate Canada Rule, Competitors at Sectional Championships must register for the competition before their official practice session immediately prior to the first portion of their event. See Registration details below for more information.