Jaslynn Wong & Nico Conforti - Pre-Novice Pairs Gold Medalists

Over the past weekend, the 2024 Skate Canada Challenge – Pre-Novice/Novice competition took place in Oakville, Ontario, with 36 skaters representing British Columbia and Yukon.

A standout moment was when BC/YT skaters claimed 1st and 2nd place in the Pre-Novice Pairs event. Jaslynn Wong and Nico Conforti, representing Connaught Skating Club, captured the gold medal with a fantastic free program, rising from 5th place in the short with a total score of 83.05. Meanwhile, fellow club members Ava Cheung and Stephen Lee skated well, earning them the silver medal with a total score of 82.23.

In the Pre-Novice Men's category, Alexander Ge, from Champs International Skating Centre of BC, delivered a great free program, moving him from 7th place to 2nd overall.

Tasha Lai and Mickey Becker-Pos, also from Champs International Skating Centre of BC, won silver in Novice Ice Dance after moving up from Pre-Novice last year.

Congratulations to all of our skaters this past week for their hard work, dedication, and excellent performances! We will see the top 18 competitors in Novice compete at the upcoming 2024 Novice Canadian Championships in Waterloo, Ontario, February 21-24, 2024. We look forward to cheering you on!


Pre-Novice Men:

- Alexander Ge (2nd place)

- Junu Gim (6th place)

- Jake Willing-Sato (7th place)

- Tristan Tan (9th place)

- Bowen Yan (10th place)

- Carson Chow (16th place)

Pre-Novice Women:

- Brooke Gillin (20th place)

- Tianna Li (26th place)

- Isabella Vigil Keller (32nd place)

- Michelle Liu (34th place)

- Kaeli Woo (38th place)

- Sabina Lim (39th place)

Pre-Novice Pairs:

- Jaslynn Wong & Nico Conforti (1st place)

- Ava Cheung & Stephen Lee (2nd place)

Pre-Novice Ice Dance:

- Madelaine Breau & Nathan Feng (6th place)

- Mia Sugino & Olivia Marr (7th place)

Novice Men:

- Tehryn Lee (4th place)

- Matthew Yu (6th place)

- Louie Fukuda-Wu (11th place)

- Alson Chang (17th place)

- Nico Conforti (18th place)

- Aidan Wetzel-Eden (21st place)

Novice Women:

- Malia Stuart (20th place)

- Sophie Sanderson (24th place)

- Amy Ritchie (25th place)

- Ilonna Chen (28th place)

- Vicky Pan (30th place)

- Emily Liao (31st place)

Novice Pairs:

- Monique Menard & Mitchell Dunn (5th place)

Novice Ice Dance:

- Tasha Lai & Mickey Becker-Pos (2nd place)