Hello Everyone,

Today, viaSport announced updates that have been made to the restrictions announced in the written Provincial Health Order on Gatherings and Events. These updates apply to all sport activities in B.C. 

Unfortunately, the following Figure Skating activities at clubs/skating schools/arenas in the Province of BC are suspended, until further notice:

Updated-“Adult team sport” revised to “group sport”: Group sport is defined as sporting activities involving more than one person and includes training and practice for an individual or a team sport, but does not include sport for children or youth. Group sport (i.e. sport for those 22 years of age or older) is only permitted in groups of up to two people. All participants must maintain a distance of three metres from one another while participating in the sport activity. This means that any participants 22 years of age and older can only participate in Figure Skating activities in groups of 2 people. Sessions can only have a maximum of 1 participant and 1 coach on the ice at all times until further notice. This includes any Adult Canskate, Adult Freeskate, Adult CanPower, Adult Ice Dance and Adult Synchro.

Updated-Travel to home club: Individuals are permitted to travel to their home club for the purpose of sport. Home club is defined as the sport organization, club, or facility at which a person is registered for ongoing sport programming. Individuals should not carpool with other participants. This means skaters are permitted to travel to and from their home club for training and may not participate in activities in other clubs at this time.

No spectators in attendance. This includes the Canskate program.

Dance partnering/Pair Skating except for Novice, Junior and Senior Competitive Ice Dance/Pair Teams.

Monitoring/Simulation sessions with an official in attendance. Simulations may occur at clubs with no official present.

All in person, indoor off ice classes at clubs/skating schools/arenas in the Province of BC are suspended until further notice. Outdoor off ice classes may happen as long as all participants are practicing physical distancing. Virtual/online off ice classes may still happen at this time. Virtual/Online training will be covered by Skate Canada insurance until August 31, 2021 as per the following terms and conditions.

Please note that this may change at anytime.

Currently the Provincial Health Order is in effect until January 8, 2021. As soon as we know the status of the current order we will send out a communication to all clubs and coaches. 

Masks are to be worn in all public places except for while on the ice. They are to be worn in all other spaces in the facility. Masks are to be removed when stepping on the ice and immediately put back on when stepping off the ice.
"Guards off, Mask off. Mask On, Guards on."

The recommendation for clubs running Canskate, is that parents would drop off the skaters with skates and helmets on at the entrance to the facility. Coaches and/or volunteers would take the skaters to and from the ice. Parents should be nearby with a cell phone in case of an emergency. Alternatively, clubs/skating schools may also decide to suspend Canskate programming until spectators are allowed back into facilities.

We understand that not allowing spectators provides many challenges in running a Canskate program. We asked for clarification on the no spectators in attendance and the response we received was that during this time no spectators(parents) are allowed at any sport activities. This is for participants of any age. If a skater is not able to participate without a parent in attendance then unfortunately, they may not be able to participate at this time. Clubs and facilities allowing spectators run the potential of being fined by bylaw officers.

If you have any questions please contact bcyksection@skatinginbc.com